Investing in a Management Plan

Investing in a Management Plan (10/11/09)

We are frequently asked “What is a management plan?”  And “What does it cost?”

Many are prepared, obviously, as a requirement for an approval of an Agricultural Classification application.  A management plan, however, is also prepared as a tool for a landowner to reach his/her ownership objectives, setting priorities for management options and short- and/or long-term activities.  Management plans are flexible, should be reviewed every two to five years, and modified, if necessary, for changes in owner objectives, timber markets, property conditions, etc.

Management plan components should include most, if not all, of the following:

1.              The owner’s objectives

2.              Tax identification data, property location, and acquisition information

3.              General property description and access data

4.              Soils information and soil maps, including technical information

5.              Previous and current owners’ forest management activities

6.              Detailed description by stand and utilization

7.              Management recommendations and schedule of forest practice activities

8.              Aerial photos, maps, stand maps, etc.

The plan may also include a variety of additional information, such as productivity, yield, and timber volume and value data, depending on whether a cruise (inventory) was requested or required.

A management plan is a sound investment for your timberland.  It is also a smart investment in relation to your savings on ad valorem taxes.  An approved application for Agricultural Classification may result in as much as a 90% decrease in the tax bill on your land.  When a forester quotes you a fee for preparation of a management plan, consider the fee in comparison to the savings on the tax bill for about the next five years…it’s a good investment indeed!  Aforester will need several hours of both field and office time to prepare a full professional narrative plan, depending on tract size, number of timber stands, condition, etc.

We prepare professional narrative forest management plans; contact us now to schedule a field inspection and preparation of your management plan.